About: The Next Day

Hi, I’m Luxe Pearl.

You may remember me from the blog Luxe Pearl Life. I still write there so check it out if you want.

If you have already read about it (on LPL), I am currently going through a heavy break up with the love of my life, NLM. I never liked to write a great deal about our relationship on LPL and I thought it’d be beneficial to write about “the next day”, each day after the split and how I’m coping, my thoughts, what I’m aiming for or what I can’t deal with anymore. Kind of therapeutic and maybe, you know helpful to someone.

I’m not a fancy writer so I’m not going to have the blog laden with sarcastic prose and witty banter. I’m just a regular woman who wants to be on the road to recovery. I might get a bit emotional and reminisce here and there but I promise you, I won’t whinge “why me?”

I’m not ready to walk alone and I’m certainly not ready for what’s next but I’m still here.

Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope I don’t bore you too much and that I find some solace in The Next Day.



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